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Micheline Robinson

In the thick of it, 2014

Medium: Inks & acrylic on canvas
Size: 30" x 40" x 1.6" (76 cm x 101 cm x 4 cm)
Style: Abstract landscape
Region: Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

$1,900.00CAD CAD

This work is part of the Essence of a Landscape series. This series was a result of being enthralled with the sense of freedom and urgency in NZ’s bush, and with the unkempt raw landscape that NZ country had to offer. She set out on an artistic journey with inks to try and capture its essence.  The pieces convey an abstract, glass-like world, replicating amalgamations of patterns in nature, whilst playing with our perceptions of light and space. Her intuitive mind creating illusions of three dimensional landscapes that the subconscious rendered into thickets and other images collected whilst tramping through the countryside.