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Micheline Robinson

Dormez-bien les enfants, 2015

Medium: Inks and acrylic on aluminium panel
Size: 67" x 48" (170 cm x 122 cm)
Style: Abstract landscape
Region: Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

$4,200.00CAD CAD


This work reflects Robinson’s creative journey influenced by the economic crisis, the disappearing of the middle class and finally the refugee crisis. The journey started with 3 big blocks representing 3 major social classes. It evolved to depict one person at the top representing the small 1% drinking straight from the bottle and the children at the bottom. The journey took a turn when the power of nature and the beautiful landscape of New Zealand with vines and thickets worked their ways into Robinson’s experience. She started to weave together her experience of being immersed in nature into the painting in contrast to news from the world: water emerges with one of the children’s blanket dipping in water whilst the children are blissfully sleeping. With the last news of the refugee crisis, the work became an ode to the children in conflict. Robinson titled the work “Dormez-bien les enfants”, which means sleep well children.