Space and Senses | a Dual Exhibition

May 26 - July 17, 2015

Love It Art is pleased to present “Space and Senses” a dual exhibition by Canadian artist, Thibault Sendra and Korean artist, Alice (Hye Ryung) Yang. Thibaut Sendra’s dynamic brushstrokes, both charismatic and expressive, are seamlessly fluid on the canvas. Alice Yang’s new work of richly rendered oil paintings transport the viewer into worlds of harmonious contrast.

Sendra’s work captures the soul of a moment. Sendra, born in France, now lives and works in Vancouver, BC brings his sense of ‘tour de force’ to the local scene. Through his creative process, he liberates not only his perception of a space but also himself. His ability to translating emotions into images make his work appear as a dance of natural elements that are balanced with compositional sensibility. His large-scale acrylic paintings range from pure abstract to delightful combinations of realism and abstraction. Movement and emotions are amplified through his unique use of colour and form.

Yang’s new paintings are about space that is familiar and representational and yet the viewer can be left spellbound by the immense abstract landscapes. Central theme to this series depicts realism of mountain peaks and perspective landscape paired with gestural brushstrokes that capture the imagination. This series invites leisure explorers to wonder into the nature of unreal. Both calming and stimulating, there is a refreshing sense of the universal combined with the specific that makes Yang’s work powerful and awe-inspiring.