For Customers

What is Love It Art?

Love It Art is an online art gallery showcasing carefully curated contemporary art and design from emerging talents in Vancouver, BC and beyond. 

Does Love It Art have a physical gallery?

Love It Art ("the gallery") does not operate a physical gallery; however, we do participate in international art fairs and organize pop-up art exhibitions from time to time.  Please sign up to receive updates and invitations to our exhibitions.

What type of artists does Love It Art represent?

Our gallery represents contemporary emerging talents from Vancouver, BC and beyond.  We focus on artworks that are visually stunning, uniquely interesting, conceptually intriguing and yet affordable.  We promote design pieces that have strong aesthetic appeal with some form of functionality.

Why does Love It Art represent emerging artists?

Our goal is to make original art accessible and affordable, and to promote design as an art form at the interface of art and design. We believe artists’ early works are often their best when they are still creating and producing the works themselves.  By investing in an artwork or design object by an emerging artist, you are investing in the most organic form of the creative process.

Are artwork and design pieces original?

We sell fine art (“art”) that includes original painting and photography, and applied art (“design”).  All of our paintings are original artwork.  All of our photography is sold as limited edition prints.  All of our design objects are sold as open edition, unless indicated with “limited edition”.

What is the difference between limited edition and open edition?

Limited edition means an artwork or design has a limited number of prints or items available for purchase. Once the entire edition is sold, the same print or item will not be available again. Open edition means a design item is available as long as the artist decides to continue making the same item.

How do I ensure the artwork I order is original and one of a kind?

All of our artwork is original and one of a kind. Each artwork will be shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity that assures the integrity of the artwork.

All of our photography prints are limited editions. You will find the maximum numbers of edition in the individual art page. Each photography print will be signed by the artist and shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Do I need to sign up in order to make a purchase?

Yes. Once you have signed up and processed your order, you will get updated information about your purchase details and a separate shipping invoice which you can pay online. In addition, your account allows you to follow your favorite artists and art

Will you share my name and email address?

We will not share your name, email address and any other personal information with anyone or any other organizations. Please refer to the Privacy section for details.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship internationally, except for those countries subjected to no-fly zones.  Please see Shipping for details.

Who pays for the shipping fees?

Customers cover all shipping and handling costs. Please see Shipping for details.

Can I get a shipping estimate when processing an order?

No. The estimated shipping cost online deviates from the actual costs. The actual shipping charges are calculated based on the artwork size, weight and special handling requirement of the order and the addresses of both the artist’s studio and the customer and the courier. In order to avoid charging our customers for additional costs, we choose to process the shipping cost separately to save our customer time and money. Please see Shipping for details.

Does the gallery charge taxes my purchase?

Taxes are charged based on the shipping address. Within Canada, we charge you applicable taxes unless you are importing artwork. Outside of Canada, we do not charge you taxes. However, when you import artwork, your local customs office may charge you duties and taxes. Please consult your local customs office for details. 

What does importing artwork mean?

When you purchase artwork from an artist located outside of your resident country, you are importing artwork.  

Are there any additional charges for importing artwork?

When you import artwork, your purchase may be subjected to duty and taxes charged by your local customs office.  Please consult your local customs office for details.

As a customer in Canada, do I pay taxes twice if I purchase from an artist located outside of Canada?

No.  Since your purchase will be shipped directly from the artist's studio to you, your shipment will be subject to the payment of duty and taxes charged by the customs office.  The gallery does not charge taxes on import purchase in Canada so you do not pay taxes twice.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal.

Will my payment information secure?

Love It Art runs on the Shopify’s ecommerce platform, which uses encryption technology the same level as large banks to keep your payment information secure. Please refer to the Privacy section for details.

What’s your return policy?

We provide all our customers a 7-day money-back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction with the artwork or design you purchased. If for any reason you want to return your order, please inform us at within 7 days of your order arrival. You are responsible to cover your return shipping and handling costs. For details, please refer to the Shipping section.

Can I commission an artwork from the artist I chose?

Yes. We will walk you through an easy process once you decide to commission an artwork from an artist. Please contact us at

How much is the cost to commission an artwork?

It depends on the artist, and the medium and complexity of the artwork. However, it is often comparable to the works in the artist portfolio.

Do I need to prepay for the commissioned work?

You will be required to pay 50% non-refundable deposit upfront. Once the artist completes the commissioned work, we will send you an image of the work. If you accept the work, we will charge you the remaining 50% and ship the artwork to you. 

Can I return my commissioned work?

All commissioned works are final sale with no return.

Are all your paintings on canvas sold stretched?

Yes, all of our paintings on canvas are sold stretched, ready to hang.  For artwork sized over 40" x 48" (102 cm x 122 cm), we may accept a request to ship the artwork unstretched, rolled in double tubes.  However, shipping unstretcehd may increase the risk of the the artwork being damaged and may affect your chance of returning the artwork.  Upon request, we can also arrange to ship large scale artwork via a fine art carrier.  Please contact us at for details.

Do you sell framed artwork?

All artwork is sold unframed, unless otherwise indicated and we encourage our customers to try hanging the original artwork without frame first. If you prefer to have your artwork framed, you may take it to your local frame shop for a custom frame.

Photography prints are sold unframed to reduce the shipping and handling costs.  


For Artists

What makes Love It Art different from other online ecommerce platforms:

  • We operate like a physical gallery promoting and supporting our artists beyond what is commonly offered as merely an ecommerce platform for artists to load and list their own artwork.
  • As a curated online gallery, we provide online SPACE and PRESENCE for each of our artists to showcase their art and to tell their stories. You will not get lost in a sea of hundreds of artists listed on the same platform.
  • We take care of all the logistics with our shipping and insurance partners, locally and internationally.
  • We have a clear and focused program direction for showcasing original art that is visually stunning, vibrant, whimsical with an urban theme and design works that are edgy, aesthetically appealing and yet functional.
  • We provide our artists unparalleled global presence by attending international art fairs with young demographic.

How do you promote and support your artists?

We promote and support our artists through various marketing channels such as email list, social media, networking, international art fairs, pop-up exhibitions and public campaign and education.

Do you seek for exclusive representation of the artist?

We encourage our emerging artists to explore other exposure opportunities that include seeking representation with physical galleries, exhibitions with other venues such as gallery group shows and joint community events.  However, we do require exclusive representation of the original artwork listed on Love It Art to ensure the same piece of artwork will not be sold twice at the same time.

What kind of artists do you represent?

We represent artists that show potential and promise.  They are either currently represented by a physical gallery or underrepresented.  As a promising artist, you have:

  • a desire to advance your art career
  • an understanding of the increment steps required for advancing your art career or at least open to the idea
  • the will to promote your art to the general public by seeking possible venues for increasing your exposure and involvement in art communities
  • the ability to create art regularly
  • an aptitude to work professionally – capable of establishing proper communication and timely delivery

How do I submit my work for consideration?

If you think our gallery is right for your art, we are always excited to hear from you and accept submissions for consideration.  Please contact us at

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Please contact us at for any additional questions.  We typically reply to your email within 2 business days.