Our Story

Love It Art is a curated online gallery founded on a passion for art, inspired by the modern art masters, and driven by a need for alternatives to the uncomfortable aspects of physical galleries and the overwhelming character of “online warehouse” platforms. In spring 2015, we launched to deliver a gallery experience to the doorstep of art lovers, enabling the discovery and collection of artworks by emerging artists in Vancouver, Canada and from around the globe. We focus on contemporary original art that is visually stunning, uniquely interesting and conceptually intriguing.


Our mission is to provide a fun, personable and enjoyable experience for art lovers and collectors like you. We aspire to fulfill your needs for visual and narrative connections – with yourself, the world around you and the artists. We also emphasize the online presence of our artists, offering them a space to showcase their work and tell their stories. We deliver a variety of affordable and high-quality artworks, while offering a personable service and a fun web interface right to your doorstep.


We are committed to advancing art by making it accessible and affordable to a younger demographic, while transforming perceptions of art, from intimidating and elitist, to fun, personable and relatable. We connect our audience with our artists through clear communication, studio visits, pop-up exhibitions, international art fairs, public art campaigns, and our 3D virtual gallery exhibition platform, viewable from anywhere.


We believe that respect, trust, innovation, integrity and transparency are essential to form an inclusive art community, both online and offline.


invest in art, invest in life