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Artists to Follow

Tehya MacKenzie

Vancouver, Canada

Tehya MacKenzie is a Vancouver-based photographer who lived and worked in London, UK for a few years. MacKenzie graduated from the Professional Photo Imaging Program at Langara College in Vancouver Canada in 2009. 

MacKenzie’s work begins with a broader view of the environment and then focuses to reveal the details through her deep sense of wonder for how the natural and manufactured worlds coexist. The expression of this is through patterns and symmetry. Traveling is her root of inspiration. The discomfort and unfamiliarity of a new environment compels her to examine the visual elements of her surroundings: the difference in colours, light quality, and shapes. Once MacKenzie has captured the scenes digitally or on film, she creates images in a surreal and abstract form to draw viewers to experience the balance, order and texture of the environment. Her composition often presents the environments as abstract to reveal their similarities without prejudgment and creates curiosity about the shapes and patterns within the pieces. 

Her work is in private collection through out Canada, US and UK.