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Artists to Follow

Sarah Gee Miller

Vancouver, Canada

Sarah Gee Miller is a Vancouver-based artist. She works with archival cardstock, often painted in acrylics to make collages revealing an interest in regularity, equilibrium and the formalities of hard-edged abstraction. The superimposition of vibrant colour and mathematically-derived forms results in what she calls utopian geometry – that is, acknowledging there is rationality and clarity alongside the magical properties of symmetry and beauty.

In the last few years Miller has had several group shows and five solo exhibitions, including one on December 2014 at Back Project Gallery, Vancouver. Miller has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, Montreal’s Papier (2014) as well as the Art Rental and Sales showroom of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Her work can be found in corporate and private collections across Canada, Britain, the US and Australia. Miller is currently represented by Mayberry Fine Art in Toronto and Winnipeg.