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Artists to Follow

Micheline Robinson

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Micheline Robinson is a French-Canadian artist that has lived across Canada, in Wales and England and now resides on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. She works in large series of sometimes up to 200 pieces as she records journey and experiences. Once she has thoroughly exhausted a subject, she will move onto the next one. Her approach to a series varying in medium and size as the ultimate aim is to express an idea or a feeling as effectively as she can whilst at the same time trying to push forward the language of paint. Therefore over the years she has created works that have gone from large realistic portraits in oils to small loose watercolour abstracts.

Micheline exhibits internationally and is an active humanitarian artist, participating in many projects such as the Ubuntu Charity Show in Seoul that raised $150 000 for malnourished children of North Korea and Sweden’s exhibition “In recognition of Malala Yousafzai” which raised funds for education. Realising there were few opportunities for artists to display their works on the UK’s Wirral peninsula (left bank of the Mersey), she founded and organised the Wirral Open Studio Tour which received Arts Council funding in 2010 and is still going strong today. In 2015 she was interviewed on Radio NZ's Standing Room Only and has been published in several magazines over the years. Micheline has collectors in Canada, NZ, UK and the US as well as having work in private and corporate collections around the world.