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Artists to Follow

Luca Tombolini

Milan, Italy

Luca Tombolini (b. 1979) is a Milan-based photographer. He completed a degree in classical studies, followed by a degree in Sciences of Communication with a major in visual rhetorics in cinema. During these university studies, Tombolini discovered photography and started experimenting with large format cameras. Since 2011, he has been using a drum scanner to create large-scale photographic prints.

Tombolini has for long been fascinated by deserts and other remote areas, seeing deserts as charming, pristine and mysterious. He has travelled to several deserts across the world, and enjoys exploring and considering deserts as the lands most likely to provide clues about the origins of life. His photographic research uses the landscape as a synecdoche referencing time, space and existence, while questioning our limited perception of reality.  His work represents the interaction between the self and its environment, specifically capturing an unconscious state of mind in relation to nature. His intuitive framing and compositions often rely on a combination of symmetric shapes found between patterns in nature. 

Tombolini’s work has been exhibited in France, Greece and Italy. His photography has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Booooooom, Aint-Bad Magazine, #Photography Magazine and The Plantation Journal.