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Artists to Follow

Amber Singleton

Atlanta, United States

Amber Singleton is an Atlanta-based artist who specializes in contemporary mark making. Her artworks represent the collaboration of her conscious and subconscious mind mapped out on paper in physical reality. Her drawings resemble actual cells, neurons, and other physical parts of the brain and are executed through improvisation with no preliminary sketches. The placement of each mark on the paper's surface is determined by careful decisions influenced by previous marks and the need to arrange elements in an orderly composition.

Ever since Singleton was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 23, she has been fascinated with the brain and its functions and capabilities, especially in relation to making art. Her works depict perfectionism, orderliness, and mental and interpersonal control. Through the creative process, Singleton meditates and heals herself while inspiring others.

Singleton earned her BA in Fine Art from Furman University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Winthrop University. She is the Director of Fine and Performing Arts at the Weber School in Atlanta, GA. Her most recent exhibitions include The Georgia Artists Exhibit, sponsored by Fulton County Art & Culture, in which she was the 2014 recipient of GA People’s Choice Award, and the Triage exhibition at the Fuse Art Center sponsored by C4 Atlanta. Her work is in private collections throughout the US and in other countries including Mexico, Turkey and Finland.