Modern Take: Photography and Painting | A Dual Exhibition

Saturday, March 19 2016

This virtual exhibition runs: March 19 - May 18, 2016 (

Luca Tombolini (Italy) and Alice Yang (S Korea) are two Artists that choose to renegotiate the boundaries of contemporary Landscape Painting and Photography.  From their unique Artistic perspectives, they both open the Landscape up as a new space to be perceived and understood. This virtual Exhibition, in alignment with Love It Art’s exhibit at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong this May, brings together for the first time the established and sublime large format photographs of Tombolini, and the fragmented, dreamlike paintings of Yang.

IGNANT, The Jealous Creator, and Lens Culture have all featured Tombolini, and his work can be found in private collections all around the world. In these Artworks from Iceland, the wild volcanic forms that sculpted this unique place are captured by his aesthetically seductive sensibility and style. Both formally, and in terms of colour and light, Tombolini has pared down the cold beauty of this landscape into a minimal visual language, concentrating on the forms and textures of its valleys, lakes, glaciers and panoramas.

Yang weaves together real experiences and journeys through landscapes with memories, images, and a variety of other esoteric imagery. Interested in phenomenology, she combines these different perceptions of an environment into a completely new place, both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Dichotomies are important to her practice: absence and presence, real and virtual, flatness and space, and the virtual format of the exhibition adds a new context to these different relationships within her work. Yang’s paintings can found in the permanent collection of SOMA Museum of Art and the Song-Won Art Centre, as well as in numerous private collections 

Juxtaposed, the Artworks create a framework for understanding a different way that the natural landscape can be made intelligible to us. They both map landscapes artistically, simultaneously referencing traditional practices, whilst also breaking away to find new ground, and original ways of seeing.

Text by Robbie Wild Hudson


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About our interactive virtual gallery: while viewing the exhibition, you will see the artworks in real life scale and find out the details including the price by placing your cursor on the artwork. 

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