Conflict and Beauty: A Survey of Works by Contemporary Indian Painter Rollie Mukherjee

Thursday, January 21 2016


Love It Art is proud to present “Conflict and Beauty” a solo exhibition by contemporary Indian painter, Rollie Mukherjee. Mukherjee is also an art critic, art historian and poet. The virtual exhibition runs from January 23 to March 18, 2016 and offers a survey of Mukherjee’s works from the last six years. In the works included in this show, Mukherjee pushes together fragmented pieces of everyday life with images of conflict to create intriguing vignette like narratives that are as disturbing as they are charming.

Mukherjee has earned a reputation for paintings that express the effect of war on every day people, pictures that move beyond public displays of national war campaigns, but rather respond to the lived experience of civilians. The most extraordinary aspect of Mukherjee’s work is that it provides a view into a kind of contemporary suffering including the gravity of living within Indian society that like many other parts of world both endures and perpetuates considerable gender discrimination. Mukherjee’s watercolour works often suggest the constant threat of violence and war, seemingly always brooding in the background. Her 2014 mixed media work, The Grids, shows a domestic scene of a woman with a girl, the surface and figures marked by red pigment, and the threatening presence of war armory, boats, planes, even a tank. A child-like drawing rendered over the tank is inexplicably disturbing.

Still other works such as 2010 paintings Will-o-Wisp and Untitled are neo-Surrealist compositions that reflect upon conflicts between the natural world, and modern life, particularly industry, and life in cities. Untitled forms a pattern that is evocative of an aerial map, the focal point, an inverted deer and human against circuits, reflects upon conflicts between the natural world and modern life, particularly life in cities. Whereas Will-O-Wisp is made using the language of artists like Frida Kahlo, the natural world functioning as an expression of personal loss, destruction and experience.

Responding to the confluence of war, conflict, and violence within every day existence, Mukherjee’s paintings embrace a sense of fluid time, documenting moments in the past, present, and future, verging often into a world of dreams. The tableaux emerge as a visual condensation of the threat of violence and war, which coexists between with the outward impression of peace and the ordinary.

Mukherjee has won numerous awards for her paintings and she has had solo and group exhibitions in both India and abroad. Her work is held in private collections throughout India, as well as in other countries including South Africa and China. Mukherjee holds her MFA, Art Criticism, Maharaja Sayyaji Rao University, Baroda, India and an Honours BFA, Art History, Visva Bharathi University, Shantiniketan, India and lives and works in Vadodara, India.

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