Around The Art World in 52 Weeks - Rollie Mukherjee, India

Monday, November 09 2015

Mukherjee is an Indian artist based in Vadodara, a city with beautiful architecture in India.  She is also an art critic, art historian and a poet. As a painter, she has won numerous awards and has had both solo and group shows in both India and abroad. Her work, whether it is watercolor on paper or oil on canvas, is both visually stunning and intriguing.

What’s fascinating about her work is that it depicts the coherence between conflict and harmony. Most of her watercolor works shown here have a domestic setting with a theme of weapon or war in the background. What does that mean? Are we all desensitized to war while in the comfort of our home? Or women are still fighting to get ahead beyond the domestic roles imposed by culture and society? No doubt wars are destructive but is a war more bearable when there's music?  No matter how you interpret the work, you may find her paintings quite vibrant, political and beautiful. 

See more of Mukherjee's works and oil paintings here: