Around the Art World in 52 Weeks – Red Hong Yi, Malaysia

Thursday, August 20 2015

Malaysian artist, Red Hong Yi, known as “Red”, created the above portrait in 12 hours using individual coffee stain rings straight from a coffee cup. If that doesn’t amaze you, you may not appreciate creativity.

Red graduated with a BA in Architecture from the University of Melbourne. For the past three years, she was based in Shanghai, China and currently her home is in Melbourne, Australia. While working in Shanghai as an architect, she started her weekend fun art projects using unconventional materials. Her first creation was a portrait of Ai Wei Wi using 7 kg of sunflower seeds. She documented her first work with photographs. For her second project, she used a basketball rolled in red paint to create a large scale portrait of Yao Ming and she captured the whole process on film. The video went viral and since 2012, Red has been featured in numerious media outlets including Wall Street Journal, Huffinton Post, Elle and TIME. She has also spoken at many conferences about creativity and innovation, and has been travelling and working on various commercial projects for international conglomerates such as Nespresso, Nike and Google, while managing her Studio Hong Yi she founded in 2013.

Red also create art pieces using food and flowers.



You can enjoy her creative process on videos: Red Hongyi - YouTube

Image credit: Red Hong Yi