Around the Art World in 52 Weeks – Tuomas Markunpoika, Netherlands

Thursday, April 30 2015

Technically, Tuomas Markunpoika’s works are considered as design, rather than as art, due to their functionality and utilitarian purposes. The main purpose of art does not necessarily include functionality and art does not need to be aesthetically beautiful. However, for those people who prefer to look at art because of its aesthetic beauty, they may also see design as an art form because of its artistic expression and beauty. Thus, Markunpoika’s design is in our “Around the Art World” this week.

Tuomas Markunpoika was born in Finland. After graduating with a MA in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in Netherlands, he set up his studio, Studio Markunpoika, in Amsterdam. The stunning cabinet in these images is from his graduation thesis, titled “Engineering Temporality” which was inspired by his urge to explore human fragility experienced by his grandmother. Markunpoika tried to use his design and process to reflect his grandmother’s state of mind and well being after her Alzheimer’s has turned her into a human shell.

The narrative behind his design is just as intriguing as his creation. His thesis has now turned into a collection which includes chairs, a chandelier and table lamps. This collection was nominated Furniture Design of the Year by London Design Museum in 2013 and has exhibited in galleries, art fairs and museums internationally.


Image credit: studio markunpoika