Around the Art World in 52 Weeks - Yago Hortal, Spain

Thursday, March 05 2015


Colour infused canvases with energy, vitality and vibrancy – enter the images of Yago Hortal’s paintings. Hortal is a young Barcelona-based artist and he works mainly with acrylic paint on linen and canvas. His paintings, with bright colours such as pink, green, yellow, blue and purple, often depict movement of his brush strokes as well as the paint. When looking at his painting, you may feel the precise moment when the paint touched the canvas and yet you may also feel the movement of the paint and his brush strokes. Hortal's style often evokes an illusion of constant movement and change but all the beauty can be encapsulated with just one painting.

More of Hortal's works from 2007 to 2014:



Image credit: Yago Hortal's Website