Around the Art World in 52 Weeks - Gregor Hiltner, Germany

Tuesday, February 24 2015

Starting from this week, we will share with you our visual inspiration from artists around the world. These artists are not our gallery artists.

By paying tribute to our favorite artist, Joan Miro, we started this art world wonders with Gregor Hiltner, a well-established artist based in Berlin, Germany. We learned about Gregor Hiltner and his love for Miro’s work through a conversation with a Vancouver local artist, Fiona Ackerman. Hiltner is Fiona’s father but Fiona did not learn from his father until the age of 16. Since then, Hiltner has become Fiona's mentor. 

Can you see some reflections of Miro’s work in these amazing paintings from Gregor Hiltner?

Image credit: Gregor Hiltner's Website