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Monday, January 12 2015

(source: Painting by Joan Miro: Femme et oiseaux, 1966, photo by See-ming Lee )

Love It Art is a curated online gallery founded with passion, created with inspiration and started with a vision.  The gallery is founded on a passion for art and design.  The passion is rooted in childhood.  The inspiration stems from a summer study in Nice, France years ago.  During that summer, every weekend was filled with travels to different cities in different countries, visiting various museums and galleries. 

It was in Barcelona where the dream of connecting with art, design and architecture sprouted. It was in Barcelona where the affinity for contemporary art and design took root, after visiting the museums of Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.   Since then, an appreciation in contemporary artists and their art and design has grown, especially when it came to original artwork, one-of-a-kind, or limited edition design pieces.

For years, after visiting local galleries and searching online for artwork, it became clear that there is room for art diversity and variety with “space” for each artist.  And that was how Love It Art was born.  Love It Art welcomes everyone to enjoy and explore artwork and design pieces provided by the gallery.  However, our focus is not on providing everything for everyone.  Our vision is to provide an online boutique gallery for customers with sophisticated tastes to discover and own incredible contemporary pieces that spark emotional and creative connections, and for collectors to find pieces that reflect their taste, ideas and stories.  We showcase carefully curated original art that is visually stunning, vibrant, whimsical with an urban theme and yet affordable, and design works that are edgy, aesthetically appealing and functional.  Our mission is to deliver a simple, accessible and affordable experience for customers and to provide online space and presence for each emerging artist to showcase their work, talent and stories.

Our vision for the art and culture field in general is to help create a more vibrant art scene in Vancouver, Canada where this online art gallery is based, by working with the artists to make art available to everyone as community projects and to initiate direct dialogues with the general public about art, culture and the appreciation of both.